LA CUEVA NLa Cueva Negra
THE SPA TOWN OF FORTUNA Fortuna is a small village 25km from Murcia City Centre its at an Altitude of 240 meters above sea level. The town is famous for their Hot Springs, these are thermal 38 degree springs that surface from underground in the form of fountains in the Banos de Fortuna, La Higuera and La Cueva Negra, and are the same waters enjoyed by the Romans during their occupation.
There are many bars and restaurants in Fortuna many of them catering for the English palette.
The Sierra De La Pilla National Park is a great place to walk, there are walks organised by the local council.
FORTUNA CULTURE There are a wide range of Beauty Treatment and Heath Treatment at the Banos de Fortuna. The three and four star hotels ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay whilst enjoying hydrotherapy.  The Moors were influential in this area for over 700 years, they built the castillico de los Moros. Fortuna Baroque-style parish church is used by the Spanish on a daily basis and demonstrates the rich and varied enriched heritage. Caravans Spain Castillejo Park Fortuna Murcia 30620 tel. (0034) 619003258
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Roman sanctuary of the Black Cave: The Black Cave is along with the deposit of the Roman Baths, also in Fortune, one of referring archaeological the most important ones at national and international level. The deposit of the Black Cave is located in the Mountain range of Baño, to about 3 km of Fortune. One is a set of three oriented rocky shelters towards the sun and with a water spring. This deposit directly is related to the other great Roman deposit of the municipality of Fortune: the Baths. Both form a unique set to which during the Roman Antiquity numerous visititantes went looking for, on the one hand, the sanadora capacity of their waters, and on the other, to shape their gratefulness, its thoughts and even their moods in the walls of the Black Cave. In the environs, the Black Cave, pagan sanctuary with tituli picti or painted Latin texts between which they excel fragments of the Eneida de Virgilio. Fortune was an important Roman center, as they demonstrate the rest of the spa.
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